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About Profiling Beauty

It is the philosophy of Profiling Beauty that beauty cannot be attained truly unless it is something that is viewed multi-dimensionally, taking into account Outer Beauty, Inner Beauty and Spiritual Beauty.
Outer beauty, Profiling Beauty addresses by using customized skin care and cosmetic color and application advice. We further stress the elimination of unnecessary chemicals entering the body through toxic ingredients in skin care and cosmetics. These chemicals create a stress on the skin which shows itself in accelerating aging and skin dullness.
Inner beauty is the health and wellness of your organs. Gentle exercise and stretching move nourishing blood around your body and assist in detoxification and metabolic boosts. When the internal organs are stressed from excess fat, toxins, emotional tolls and unnecessary toxins from skin care- they can show themselves on the outside with bloating, puffiness, inflammation, skin discoloration and under eye circles.
Spiritual beauty is truly defined as how you feel about yourself emotionally. Yoga and exercise boost natural feel-good hormones which assist you in dealing with stress and emotional difficulties. At Profiling Beauty we stress a love for the face and body that you have - this love shows up in outer beauty as an ability to smile easier and exude warmth to your fellow human beings.

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